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Character designs - Felix and Macabber

Character designs pulled from the universe of a current comic project about monsters and wrestling. More info here :

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Rigglenok, proud winner of the very first Monstering Tournament.

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A vintage pictures of Macabber Tails, the greatest wrestler ever, in his hayday. Allow you to follow his legend, and see him kick some butt! So here's a picture of him in his early days, fighting the hoard of Plurador the Duplicator Luchador!

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"Plurador, or Prinkt Doramus, is the magical multiplying menace from Mackador, seen here in his infamous 78-round battle with the ferocious Macabber."
Spoilers. Macabber won.

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"The reluctant fighter Yaguro retired immediately after winning the championship, saying "I just wanted to be left alone!"

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"Satchan promised to avenge her brother's death at the hands of Krungon. She did so by hitting him with the 30-Knuckle-Flurry in the middle of the great Ranguw Colosseum."

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"A fishermonster caught what they thought would be a big haul, instead they pulled up the right arm of Kartooga. A fierce battle ensued, with the boat being destroyed in the process. It's the metal of that very boat that adorns Kartooga's right arm."

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"Mama Rada famously stepped in to protect her son in the regional rounds, but soon found she was standing victorious over her opponent. Since then she has gone on to break monstering records as the oldest champion in history."